At Magnet Ideas Inc. we do more than coach, we LEAD. Whether you are expanding your business, changing your life, or starting off down a road that is unfamiliar to you, L. Darnell Williams and his team at Magnet Ideas Inc. will use their Real Vision Approach to transform your life and lead you down that path that you've been dreaming of.

As you become an achiever, Magnet Ideas Inc. will be there to support you as you come to every crossroads in your journey.  Our team will provide emails, telephone calls, and advice that will help you reach ALL of your goals and then surpass them!  Are you ready to stop walking blindly through life and start seeing things like you were meant to?  Then contact us today!


To build a company driven by love, dreams, and beliefs as the catalyst for providing each client significant growth in their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence. This growth in self-understanding will prepare each client to take action, attack challenges, and achieve goals as they becoming a “Life Winner."


To produce self-development materials such as written, audio, and visual products along with creating direct personal growth services i.e. life coaching and seminars that will allow Magnet Ideas Inc. to build MILLIONS of “Life Winners.”


The Magnet Ideas Inc. team is made up of highly skilled, professional, and PASSIONATE individuals coming from a very diverse background. A background full of culture and credentials! Presently, our leadership is made up of highly motivated individuals holding the credentials, qualifications and qualities of: MBA in Management, BS in Finance,  Certified Life-coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Published Author, Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and more. We are here to help YOU become the YOU that YOU want to BE, and we have the skills, talents and abilities to do so!

Assisting blind people moving to the work force


THE PROBLEM: The unemployment rate in the blind community is greater than 70%. This astronomical rate has existed for years and has no chance of changing unless drastic measures are taken. Unfortunately, this results in a low awareness level in even the most fully capable adults who aren’t blind. The lack of understanding in turn creates an environment of self-disrespect in the minds of blind people and leads to thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, hence a very high unemployment rate. However, this does not have to be the case. L. Darnell Williams, a totally blind thought leader believes “If the sighted world took the 'let-me-share vision with you' rather than the 'you-need-help' approach which is the current norm, blind people would feel more a part of their community”.

What everyone needs is “Real Vision.”