L. Darnell Williams, MBA

Life Awareness Coach / Professional Speaker
P.O. Box 34976
Chicago, IL 60634-0976

"If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand." ~ Bob Proctor

I am fiercely committed to encouraging adult men and women to raise their AWARENESS level so they will achieve more out of life. I am on a lifetime journey to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their awareness and confidence by building "Life Winners" in areas such as understanding wealth, growing strong relationships and discovering their passion through their "Real Vision".

"Real Vision" is your ability to create definite pictures in your mind, develop those visuals in the present moment, step into the scene you produced then live your life driven by the positive images you have created.

I am a proven professional that can guide you to address your stress level, motivation level and problems that stand in your way of lasting success.

Here are six things about me and my experiences that might surprise you. I AM: totally blind; a certified Life Coach; a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. My B.S. in Finance and M.B.A. in Management position me to create "Life Winners". I am the author of Magnet Ideas publication Real Vision: Your Blueprint to Winning in Life.

If you want to guarantee yourself or someone you care about a growth in awareness, confidence, and certainty when taking on life's challenges, while acquiring a mastermind partner in accomplishing life's goals, pick up the phone and call Magnet Ideas Inc. In that moment you will become the #1 person in your life.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire. At Magnet Ideas Inc. we aim to achieve the goal you share with us. We are confident that "Real Vision" and our Goal Accomplishment blueprint gives you, your family, and/or your organization a great opportunity to enjoy success.

E-mail me at lifewinner60@gmail.com and let's get started today! You'll be glad you did.

"Life’s experiences have taught me an important message: I am the center of my own world. Everybody has a will and that will is the foundation of all beings created by God."

More about Darnell...

L. Darnell Williams is a Life Coach, Inventor and Public Speaker.  He is also the Author of Magnet Ideas publication Real Vision: Your Blueprint to Winning in Life. Darnell Williams has a burning desire to motivate, inspire and encourage people to take control of their own minds and lives.

Williams burning desire grew in his heart and mind due to the tremendous insults, disrespect and lack of support he endured from childhood throughout his life.

Assisting people in their personal and business growth has been a lifetime goal of Darnell’s.  It was this goal that led him to obtain a B.S. Degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University.  Williams recognized early on that in order to assist people in achieving goals, he needed to have a strong knowledge base in finance because most decisions surrounding their goals that people would make as they grow in life more than likely would come down to a financial decision on some level.  Darnell began helping people immediately after graduating college.  Williams marketed and sold Life, Accident and Health insurance along with Variable annuities and Mutual Funds in an effort to assist his clients buy insurance for as little as possible (Term Insurance) while providing investment vehicles that gave them 5-10 times higher rates of returns than traditional whole life insurance. Darnell’s desire to help others did not stop there.  In 1990, he invented the Bell Basketball Package with the support of Wilson Sporting Goods.  This brainstorm was an outgrowth of Williams desire to play the sport of basketball along with his burning desire to create a product that would get blind youngsters off the couch and out having fun as he look to do on a daily basis.  In 1992 Williams developed the Visually Impaired Athletic Association (VIAA) for the express purpose of providing blind athletes an opportunity to play several sports, such as, Bell Basketball, Beep baseball, Goal Ball, and Bowling.

L. Darnell Williams knows that he will play a role In helping people solve their problems by raising their awareness level through accomplishing goals in their lives. As the clients of Magnet Ideas Inc. raise their awareness level, they will be able to solve problems or accomplish goals in areas, such as: Relationship Building, Wealth Understanding, Determining their Life Purpose, and growth in overall Self-Confidence and AWARENESS.

“I believe the average person can’t accept what I do because they couldn’t imagine themselves doing anything if they could not see. My strong Will along with the lessons of faith taught to me by my father created my drive and determination to live life fully and achieve goals.”  ~ L. Darnell Williams

When his father passed away in 1986, Williams was left alone to use faith lessons and a strong will to win that was obtained from God to continue knowing that he was responsible for himself and his outcomes.  Upon accumulating a track record of over 40 years of accomplishing goals in a totally blind state, Williams was prompted to coin the phrase “Real Vision

“Everything I do, have done, and will do, is in the realm of Real Vision” ~ L. Darnell Williams

Most people believe I see total darkness on a daily basis but what I really do is visualize what I want to see driven by the descriptions given to me from many people rather than depending on the one thought I would have if I could see.

I often tell people, “I make my decisions based on what I want to see rather than making decisions driven by what I have to see.”  Life is so much fun and exciting when you are living from the inside out. Being able to travel the millions of miles on my own using public transportation be to attend high school, attend college work the insurance and investment industry, work as a substitute teacher in the Chicago high schools, work as a facilitator for the Anti-defamation League (ADL) or be the youth program coordinator for a non-profit organization I am certain the skills, talents and abilities acquired were all due to my practice and development of Real Vision.  This use of Real Vision allows me to eliminate fear and raise my awareness and confidence levels while providing me the drive to take action at a high level. It is this high level approach that moved me to create Magnet Ideas Inc. where I could deliver the Real Vision platform to build “Life Winners.”

"Are YOU ready to walk with AWARENESS?"